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If you live in Killeen, TX, what makes it such a great holiday destination for you? It is the ease with which you can travel to other fantastic cities and counties in the county, and there are many great attractions to choose from, such as the Texas Museum of Natural History, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University and many more.

Every year Killeen's rodeo attracts some of the best cowboys, cowgirls and bullfighters in the area.

The city also houses the Texas Museum of Natural History, a planetarium and museum on the campus of Central Texas College. Explore the stars through the planetarium with its 60 foot high dome and explore the stars in its museum. Brown's Temporary Apartments for Business is a veterans-owned company that has served Fort Hood and the Greater Killeen community for 19 years.

This restaurant brings the South to the heart of Texas and serves some of the best Cajun dishes in the area.

M - Central Texas offers a four-year professional pilot program supported by the state. We offer coaching and enrollment assistance for prospective students seeking fixed wing flight training in Killeen, TX. Repair the wing, we offer training and enrollment assistance to prospective students looking for solutions - wing flight training in and around the Killean, Texas region! We are a member of the Texas Air National Guard and a convert to the Air Force and we find out!

Based in Texas, we offer students the opportunity to complete their flight training according to their goals.

A - M Central Texas does not have a flight school, but they offer courses for junior and senior levels. If you are moving to A-M Central Texas because you don't have or didn't have flight schools, please don't go back to them.

Texas colleges, with a population of 127,921, are ranked last, far behind Killeen. A - M Central Texas, Texas A & M University and the University of Texas at El Paso are both within an hour's drive of Killesen, which is about a half-hour drive from the Texas State University campus in Fort Worth.

Killeen is home to the University of Texas at El Paso, Texas A & M University and Texas State University, and is just a half-hour drive from the Texas Tech University campus in Fort Worth.

The regional airport of Waco (ACT / KACT) offers domestic flights to Waco, Texas and is 44 miles from Temple (KILLEEN 4). This large airport is the only one in the state with a domestic flight to Killeen Texas, located 44 miles from the center of Temple, Texas. The WACO Regional Airport (ACT / KACT), which operates domestic flights from Wacos, Texas, but is only 43 miles from the Texas State University campus in Fort Worth (TEXAS 3).

Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport is also served by HOP public transportation in Texas and is approximately 15 - 20 minutes away. There is a special bus stop at the airport and there are direct nonstop flights to Providence, Rhode Island (KILLEEN 5). The airport is based on the Fort Hood military reservation, known as West Fort Hood, and offers direct flights from Providence to Killesen, TX, which is 1,635 miles outside Providence (TEXAS 6).

One of the places where there is sometimes live music in the Killeen area is the Joker's Ice House near the airport. Cable television is available at Joker's Icehouse and several other locations in the area, including the Suede Suites Hotel (TEXAS 6).

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Killeen, the hottest months are August, July and then June. Hawaii feels like you've seen it all, with restaurants that are among the best of their kind in Texas. Texas Hill Country is home to the state's beautiful wine country and is also home to some of Texas' most famous breweries.

Outbound flights from Dallas to Fort Worth are available with American Eagle, outbound flights from Houston to Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Austin - Dallas are available with United Express. There are no connecting flights, but that makes flights to and from Killeen tedious for most travelers, as all flights except those from Dallas and Houston require at least one connecting flight. San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Jose are all served by United and Express, and there are a number of connecting and non-stop flights in between, such as Houston - Austin and Dallas / Houston / Austin. The flight to San Antonio is a little shorter and takes on average about 3 hours, but if two stopovers are required, it can take 7h 37 m or more.

The Wolf Warrior Scholarship Scholarship, sponsored by the Killeen Area Chamber of Commerce and the American Eagle Foundation. You can also book online to learn more about the University of Texas at Killesen and other events.

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More About Killeen