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Last week, I received an interesting text message from a friend who lives in West Killeen, Texas, a few miles north of the Texas state Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Killeen is a small town of about 1.5 million people with a population of just over 3,000. It is home to the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A & M University. Access to Interstate 35 from Belton (26 km) and Killeens is located just a few miles from the state Capitol in Austin, Texas, and a few hours north of Austin.

Whether you want to play a round of bingo or play live, Fort Hood has many new memories to make. This place is also a great place for rodeo cowboy fans, as it is also home to Texas A & M University's annual Cowboy Showcase and Killeen Cowboy Club, one of the most popular events in Texas.

Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Killeen on a regular basis. Whether you have just been relocated or your MilSpouse has been living in Fort Hood for years, the area's busy population means there is no shortage of activities. Below are some of our favorite things to do in this thriving mid-Texas city known for its massive Fort Hood military base.

This piece of land offers an educational and exploratory day trip to Killeen with hiking trails, events to be planned, guided tours and a variety of activities. If you want to go away for a day or two, Austin is only an hour away, while Dallas is about two - and - a - half hour away. You may find it reassuring that Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are all within three hours of driving, but if you live in a more urbanised community, take comfort in the fact that you may be within three hours of Dallas - Houston or San Francisco. Hotels offer a wide range of amenities including restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants.

Finding the best accommodation in Killeen or any other city in Texas is a much easier task, but still worth a visit.

Check out the Killeen, TX website to find out what activities are offered in this unique area. Here you can find activities in the thriving middle Texas city known for its huge Fort Hood military base. With a population of more than 53,000, it has one of the largest military bases in Texas and the second largest in North America. It is located on the border between Texas and Oklahoma, just a few miles north of Houston and south of San Antonio.

Killeen is home to the 1st Fighter Squadron of the US Air Force and the Air National Guard, and a small regional airfield called Skylark Field (ILE).

The boat ramp is a short walk from Killeen International Airport and Texas State Fairgrounds and is located a few miles north of the airport.

Golfers visiting Killeen will experience an exciting tour on three golf courses in Killesen, all offering more than 60 holes. Courses at Clear Creek is a 27-hole championship course on a rolling hill in the heart of the city, a short walk from the airport. The 18-hole par 71 course offers a beautiful landscape in central Texas, which includes a variety of greens, bunkers, fairways, greens and water features to create a beautiful playing experience that is truly impressive. Golfers visiting Killens also have access to one of their three courses at Texas State Fairgrounds.

re new to Texas, you should look at the spiders that are jumping up and down towards you, as well as a variety of other animals such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, snakes and even a giant spider.

The Mayborn Science Theatre on the campus of Central Texas College takes visitors on a journey through time and space. This place is like Dave & Busters meets Alamo Drafthouse, meets the Alano Drafthouse and offers games, laser tag and arcades while you enjoy dinner - in movie experience of the latest movies. Another place where there is sometimes live music in the Killeen area is the Joker's Icehouse near the airport. The CentralTexas College campus houses a state-of-the-art planetarium.

This restaurant brings the South to the heart of Texas and serves the best Cajun cuisine in the area. Texas Hill Country is home to some of the state's beautiful wine country, which is lined with its beautiful vineyards. Hawaii can be seen and felt in Killeen with some of the best restaurants of its kind in Texas.

There is much to see, do and experience in Killeen And it is bordered by two huge reservoirs, which are the proverbial hotbed of water recreation. Located in Belton near Stillhouse Hollow Lake Dam, The Lampasas River seeps into the lake on its way into the Gulf of Mexico. The proximity to the dam and easy access from Beltington Lake make Killesen a good destination, as well as being close to many of Texas "most popular attractions.

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More About Killeen