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William's Wild Bill Scoggins is bringing something special to the annual Killeen Texas History Day celebration at Club Hood on Monday at 10 a.m.

Fort Hood has come a long way in its more than 75 years, from rolling farmland in central Texas to a modern military base and home to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Killeen was founded in 1882 and is the second largest city in the state with a population of about 1.5 million. Growth has continued in recent years, with new schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and businesses added.

When Camp Hood was abandoned at the end of World War II, Killeen suffered a recession, but the city boomed when it was established as a permanent army post in the 1950s. Southern congressmen when they took control of Fort Hood, which was established as a permanent Army post in 1950. When Camp Capture was abandoned, the city experienced a boom when, after the creation of Campood and then again after the war, it suffered another recession. When 1949 the guard of the camp camp at the Army base in Texas, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Air Force, which was founded in 1954.

In the 1970s, Killeen became a city of 35,507 inhabitants, with more than 1,000 new housing units, a school system, and a police station. In the 1970s Killesen developed into a town of 35 and 507 inhabitants in 1970, with about 2500 new apartments, an elementary school, two grammar schools, three hospitals and two colleges.

In the 1970 "s Killeen became a city of 35 and in 1970 507 inhabitants, with about 2500 new homes, an elementary school, two high schools, three hospitals and two colleges. In 1970, more than 1000 new housing units, a school system and a police station were added.

From that day on, the desire was to make Killeen a place where military families could live, not just for the military, but for all citizens of Texas.

Killeen is located in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex, which has it all but is only a few hours drive from all major Texas cities. With a large VA hospital nearby, it is a convenient place to retire, and the city is about three hours from Houston, making it ideal for those living in a city of more than 1.5 million people. Families can take advantage of the area's relaxed atmosphere and proximity to the major Texas cities, as well as nearby Texas Tech University and Texas State University.

Every year Killeen's rodeo attracts some of the best cowboys, cowgirls and bullfighters in the world.

For an interesting learning experience, don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the history of one of the divisions stationed at the base. To learn more about the Lone Star State, visit the museum at Fort Hood Nature Center to learn more about Texas history.

Retired Lieutenant of the Army Gen. Marc Cisneros served a total of 12 years at Fort Hood and says he admires the political system after which he and other Confederates were named and defended, and admires their courage in defending it. The town of Killeen is protected by the 2nd Infantry Division of the US Army and the Texas State Police. A military police officer assigned to Fort Hood, he came to central Texas in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He worked in law enforcement at the massive post, which is surrounded by civilians from around the world.

A small regional airfield known as Skylark Field (ILE) serves Killeen and is just a few minutes "drive from Fort Hood. According to Travel Math, the entire route from Dallas to Killesen is 154 miles and runs along Interstate 35, which can be divided into two sections:

In 2007, Coldwell Banker ranked Killeen, Texas, as the second most expensive city in the United States for real estate. In 2019, the average gross rent in Killeen was $955 and the median annual income of a single-family home in Texas was $8,062, according to a Census ACS survey.

In 1954, Fort Hood was the only facility in the country to house two divisions, and that year the Third Corps headquarters moved from Camp Roberts, California, to Fort Hood. Today, Killeen is home to the 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army and the Army Corps of Engineers' Fellowship Corps, as well as the 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team and 4th Armored Division. Today, the largest military base in the world in the area, with more than 214,000 acres - the lion's share of which is in Coryell County - is called the Postal Service.

Killeen is home to the 1st Battalion of the U.S. Army, the 7th Infantry Regiment, the 2nd Brigade Combat Team and the 4th Tank Division, as well as the Army Corps of Engineers' Fellowship Corps. It is home to the Texas Army's 3rd Infantry Division and its headquarters, and bears the same name as Fort Hood, the largest military base in the country.

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More About Killeen